Evoking the delicacy of a fabric, emphasising the perfection of the proportions, describing the magnificent finale of a Haute Couture fashion show…

Translating in the creative fields requires very specialised knowledge, a refined style but also a sensitivity in the target language conducive to transcribing a unique brand identity or the subtleties in the mind of a redactor.

Specialized in translation for fashion, luxury and design, Näste uses language to celebrate creation.


Translation & creative communication

I translate from English and Italian into French, my native language.
I specialize in fashion, luxury, design, beauty and lifestyle.

I can carefully check the spelling, syntax, formatting and punctuation of texts written in French.

In addition to proofreading I can also compare the original text to the translation made by another translator and partially rewrite it to ensure coherence and style.

I create marketing content specializing in fashion, including product sheets, sales pitches and training tools.